5 Last Minute Thanksgiving Hostess Gift ideas

It’s Wednesday and tomorrow is Thanksgiving..yikes!  Your heading to your moms, aunts, sisters, friends, boyfriends etc etc house for the holiday and you know you should bring something.  While you may not be into Aunt Sally’s Ambrosia or Green Bean Casserole, you should definitely show up to make an impression.  We recommend going classic and keeping it simple.   It goes a long way and need not be complicated or reusable for next Thanksgiving.  Come Friday, we all know that everyone switches gears so save those fancy Thanksgiving dish towels or salt and pepper shakers  for another time.  Here are 5 last minute never fail hostess gifts that will make your hostess smile.  Be sure to browse our pinterest board for some inspiration!  


1) Sweet treats.  You may not be assigned to bring dessert but you can never go wrong with bringing a little sweet something.  Doesnt have to be fancy but nothing says seasonal like something sweet.  Think nice salted caramels or a beautiful pumpkin cheesecake. Gourmet chocolate turkeys are tons of fun and everyone loves them- we know you do…

2) Flowers.  Hostesses love flowers in pretty fall colors.  Tie a festive ribbon or raffia around the bouquet and your all set.

3) Wine or bubbly.  Whether its used on Thanksgiving or not, t’is the season for spreading the cheer with some nice wine.  Go online and download a free Thanksgiving or Fall Harvest template to personalize your wine bottle or create a nice wine favor tag. Check out some samples on our pinterest board.

4) Something made with pumpkin. Thats right- break out the pumpkin and whip up something nice.  Your not cooking the turkey so you have time right?   We love the recipe for Pumpkin Butter found on our board.  Its scrumptious, seasonal and doesn’t have to be reused at next Thanksgiving.  Pumpkin Ale is another great treat – check out all the varieties at places like Whole Foods and bring a sampling.

5) Thanksgiving Recipe Cards.  I cook Thanksgiving for my family and make copious notes each year about what worked and didn’t work.  There are a bunch of printable Thanksgiving recipe card templates available on www.etsy.com.  Have a bunch printed out on card stock and wrap in cellophane.  Some of us actually like to have cards vs squirrel away the notes in i phone notes.  ( I am still old school with my recipe clippings!).  Your hostess will be sure to love organizing her hits & misses post holiday and you will be sure to get an invite next year!

Happy Thanksgiving-








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