50th Anniversary Golden Celebration

This past weekend I had the pleasure of coordinating & designing a 50th Anniversary Celebration for a very special couple.  If you make it 50 years, you are automatically special but this couple was near and dear.   From the moment, I took this project on, I was inspired by rich gold textures from various pinterest boards- from fashion to food to fabric.  Since the party was to occur during the day in an extremely light-filled space, I knew I wanted to keep the decor shiny but understated- no glitter but rather toned down glitz.  We also needed to keep it elegant and cater to a crowd of all ages- from the little ones to the older statesmen.  Here are some of the highlights of the event-scape:

Venue: Fox Hollow Country Club, Long Island , New York

Linens:  Gold Bengaline Table Linen & Napkin.  I loved the tone of the bengaline and it was rich yet elegant.

Menu cards, Place cards & Table #’s:  Shimmery cream paper with elegant gold design.

Favors:  White chocolate truffle with flecks of edible gold & Dark chocolate champagne truffle wrapped in gold- all contained in a cute clear truffle box wrapped with personalized ribbon with the guest of honors name & event date

Florals:  Corsages and Boutonnieres were handed out to everyone in the original wedding party!  Centerpieces of gorgeous white hydrangea highlighted with yellow orchids contained in a golden bowl.  The real personalization were  photos of the couple throughout the years tucked into each floral arrangement.  One taller larger vase contained golden branches, hydrangea and yellow orchids.  Hanging from this tall arrangement were photos tied with golden ribbon.

Decor: Personalized cocktail napkins with the couples wedding photo, Golden votive holders , Larger blown up photos of the couple coupled with their actual framed wedding invitation & wedding album!

A classic oldies DJ was played the couples wedding song for a first dance.  A cannoli filled cake along with Belgium waffle sundaes ended the afternoon lunch along with lots of dancing and cheer from guests young and old!

 50th Anniversary Celebration Gallery

For more information & sources please e mail: michele@michelesinacoreevents.com



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