Brian & Jack's Holiday Party

This year michele sinacore events got really busy during the holidays and we couldn’t have been more thrilled!   When Brian Bish, friend & social media expert, reached out about his party, I couldn’t wait to discuss his ideas and see how we could join in the fun.  Brian, based up in Norwalk, CT, is an amazing social media consultant (my plug- & has helped me personally understand how much I need to learn about Twitter and Facebook!

Brian throws great parties at his home in Norwalk and is always on the hunt for new and interesting ideas.  His infamous holiday party is always known for casual fun, great food, great friends and some entertaining element of surprise.  Brian had already had a Winter Wonderland theme & we came in simply to  add to his ideas and hook Brian up with some great partners of ours.

As guests arrived they were greeted to an ice carver out on the deck.  The ice carving demo, courtesy of a local carver,  brought in 300 lb blocks of ice creating two 3 foot elf- like masterpiece for Brian & his guests to enjoy during the party.  A big hit with guests, the  carvings were then brought indoors for the duration of the party.  Blue- LED lit bar set ups made for a great gathering area in the foyer area and guests mingled while enjoying traditional holiday dishes.   A Hot Chocolate bar along with a mini fire was set up outside near the ice carving demo to keep guests warm while enjoying the demonstration.

As a surprise to guests mid-way through the party Brian wanted to do something fun that could really liven up the event and get guests to interact.  Together, we set up a gingerbread workshop downstairs and created a challenge for guests to decorate gingerbread houses- a la Project Runway style!  20 minutes for inexpensive prizes and the glory of being crowned the winner!   Mini tables each had undecorated gingerbread and an area to grab as many trimmings as possible.  While guests got “creative” the judges assembled in a panel style judging fashion.  Brian, the techno guy that he is, set up timers, Project Runway themed music and of course video- a la reality TV style. Everyone got involved and had tons of fun!  A post game s’mores bar was set up on the deck  & knowing Brian, drinks & food were enjoyed by all for the rest of the night.

Thanks to Brian & Jack for having me assist with their party!  Looking forward to next year!  A few pics to enjoy courtesy of Brian Bish.





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