Elite Health Services Gifting

We recently had the pleasure of completing a gifting initiative for our friends over at Elite Health Services in Old Greenwich, CT (www.eliteheathservices.com).   Their world class physical rehabilitation, fitness, golf/tennis and endurance sports training programs are bar none best in class.  As a former triathlete (or actively racing triathlete…), I have always loved working with EHS & admire their attention to detail everywhere from their top notch services to their desire to be the best in class at that they do.  When we were asked to develop  branded gifts for some of their clients, we knew we had to come up with something special, relevant & branded!

Partnering with the expert gifters at Gifts For The Good Life we created branded cold/hot packs ( the cool squishy kind  that you want to just poke at), beautiful dri fit shirts, women’s racer back dri fit tanks,  fun custom blend muscle soak and branded tote bags.  The end result was super fun and highly relevant to EHS’s business. Now if we could just score some of that soak for our tired muscles & feet!!


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