Favorite Things Friday- Halloween edition!

Like mostly everyone, we have been feeling like we are doing it all this week from thinking about Halloween to presenting Holiday party ideas. I had to research nearly every popular Christmas Carol this week and spoke to some pretty interesting folks from ice carvers to live game show hosts! Its been an interesting week to say the least.

So Halloween is Monday and this is our second Halloween in the suburbs. Last year, my husband & I moved into our house the day prior and made a panicked Target candy run having no idea how much to get. We wanted to make sure people knew we moved in and were not the “creepy city neighbors who didnt do Halloween”. Never having any trick or treaters at our city apartment, we literally threw a pumpkin on our steps and had about 20 lbs of candy telling each other that we had to give each child at least 2 pieces to make a respectable impression! We hadnt unpacked one dish but were excited to have our first Halloween in our house. This year, we started our candy supply early and although my husband has ripped open every bag to sample (Im innocent..of course), I thought we could help answer the question:

How Much Candy Should I buy?

Candy, Candy, Candy!

We recently had a client who we helped decorate a Bar Mitzvah. She had beautiful candy centerpieces but didnt know how much candy to buy for 60 kids. We did the research and it could be applied to Halloween as well. So here goes.

  • For parties of around 60 guests, 15 lbs. each of 7 to 10 varieties of candy. This seems like alot but it goes fast..
  • For smaller parties or occasion showers: 7-10 types of candy / 6-10 pounds each.
  • If you get alot of kids, you probably want to have at the minimum 20lbs worth of candy which is equivalent to approx 10 regular sized bags or less of the supersized bags (500 pieces per bag at Costco!). You also want to pad yourself having some extra on hand.

I heard somewhere that the avg. cost of Halloween candy purchases was $45. I think we spend about $80.
Also, check out the Halloween Candy BuyBack programs online. You can get actual cash or make a donation to the troops with your leftover candy!

Inexpensive bags make for cute treats

You can also wrap up your extra candy in inexpensive bags and bring it to the office as a special treat for co-workers- esp those co workers who dont have kids and another 10lbs of candy leftover in their house!

We’ve also been paying attention to the Halloween trends this year and according to Dylan Lauren, Founder of the famous Dylan’s Candy Bar, “Halloween last year was about vampires, but this year, beware — the new theme is zombies.” “The spookiness and the nostalgia behind zombies appeals to both the young and old.”

Pennies for Halloween-boo!

And the  Worst Candy?

Lets leave it to the comedians to select their favs for worst candy.  Check out what Jimmy Fallon picked: Jimmy Fallons Least Favorite Candy!

We’ll leave you with some nicer party inspiration.  

Happy  Candy Buying & Decorating!                                                                                                 



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