Favorite Things Friday (OK its Saturday...): Ladies Who Launch

This past week, ms events had the privilege of helping to plan & coordinate a holiday event for The Ladies Who Launch in SW CT.  Ladies Who Launch is an unbelievable network of women entrepreneurs.  They offer many resources, workshops & connections for the business owner & executive. The Southwest CT chapter is brimming with wonderful ladies who have some serious backgrounds in major fields & who have launched incredible businesses.  After moving to Westchester last year from NYC, I went straight to Ladies Who Launch and they have since been a tremendous network. Launching a business is challenging enough but doing so in a new area is even more daunting!

For this party, we were lucky enough to work with Broadway Party Rentals in Greenwich to take their beautiful loft showroom and transform it into a festive holiday atmosphere. Aside from the attendees, the most fun aspect of planning this party was the motivation by other businesses to get involved in donating items such florals & party rentals.  With a few basic elements, we were able to create an environment that was enjoyed by everyone.

Here are some before pics of the space & a few after pics (note I took these quickly with my iPhone & are not the most professionally shot):


If you are looking to plan a last minute holiday or New Years party and are worried about throwing a great bash, take heed.  Here are a few simple tips to throw a great party with limited time & budget:

  • Grab simple & shiny X mas ornaments & display in glass apocatherapy jars or pretty vases.  After Christmas, when decor is on sale, stock up & use at your New Years party for decor.
  • Find tall white branches with LED lights (places like Michaels) & put in tall shiny vases for a winter wonderland effect.
  • Fill up jars of peppermint candy or candy canes- they look festive and appealing
  • Take on a theme- “Fire & Ice” (think warm reds & fiery foods plus whites & cold foods).   “Nutcracker” or “Ski Lodge” are fun themes to work with
  • If you are having a lot of guests and don’t want to cook or do not have a large catering budget, look for trays of food at places like Whole Foods or Costco.   Get inexpensive silver or marble trays to display your food.  Accent with holly berries, shiny wrappings & hand written tags describing food.
  • Better yet- throw a dessert party & have it start later in the evening!
  • Splurge on a server or bartender who can help with set up & clean up.  A server in your home is a great way to take the pressure off and it is not as expensive as you may think.  Companies fill up for the holidays so search for a local waitstaff company & check their references or website out prior to booking.
  • Themed candy & dessert buffets are still a big hit with guests and can be used as a surprise and take home sweet treat.  Theme your buffet and you can have lots of fun.  How about a hot cocoa buffett with lots of crazy toppings, a champagne & cookie buffet or a black & silver New Years themed candy bar complete with take home bags & ribbon.  CT Cookie Company at www.ctcoco.com provided great holiday treats at the LWL party!
  • And, by all means, don’t be afraid of potluck.  Theme it, give your guests guidelines or go for it traditionally.  Potluck can be fun for your guests & I am not kidding here.   We are working with a client throwing a Winter Wonderland themed potluck and I except it will be a lot of fun.  Grab a glitzy looking table linen or rent from a party rental company and your home will instantly be transformed.  Rental companies have fun place-ware and lots of great things to rent inexpensively for parties.
  • Entertainment- acapella groups are all the rage.  Scour local colleges to see what kind of musical or entertainment based groups they have on campus.  Many perform at private events and are not expensive.  Plus, your putting some needed $$ in a students pocket or towards their art departments which can make you feel good!
  • And of course, call an event planner for help (couldn’t help myself there!) for any planning or last minute coordination help.  Many event planners have great connections (we do!), can help you with a party theme or flow & some will offer you their best resources for a consulting fee.
Have fun & please let us know your ideas.  We’ll add them to the blog.

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