Favorite Things Friday- The Plaza At Christmas!

There is nothing like taking in a few patient moments in the hustle bustle of the holidays in midtown Manhattan to gaze at the window displays of Barneys, Bergdorfs, Bendels & many others.  These amazing works of art will leave even the biggest nay sayer with alittle  more holiday spirit!

If you ever get the chance, a must for any New Yorker or visitor is The Plaza Hotel at Christmas.   Admittingly having watched Eloise at Christmastime and her Plaza adventures more than once, there is just something so magical about this place.  The big chandeliers, the pink and green lighting, the sight of folks having a cocktail in the lobby & even the big Eloise inspired trees, The Plaza at the holidays can make you appreciate the city or at least make you feel more refined!  I used a recent visit as “research” seeking inspiration for New York inspired celebration for a client of ours.  Here are a few pics from the trip!





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