Friday Fun Favor- Cupcake Taffy!

Fun summer party treat & favor alert! Cupcake Taffy!

Wednesday, right prior to leaving for a trip to Florida, I was doing some shopping in the city.  And, of course, its mandatory to stop into Dylans Candy Bar when on the Upper East Side.  I try to pretend those trips are always to get alittle something for friends kids but really Dylans is just all about fun, color and energy and my secret love affair with candy!  Plus, michele sinacore events will be creating some very cool custom candy buffets for a corporate holiday outing this year and Dylans is a great source for inspiration and candy trend.  When I was training for Ironman I would have went into shock in Dylans with all the surrounding treats but now I am much calmer!!

For an upcoming party, I picked up these goodies called Cupcake Taffy.  It is actual taffy in amazing flavors like Birthday Cake & Red Velvet!  They look & taste like the true Jersey Shore on the boardwalk taffy and come into adorable cupcake shaped containers.  They are really cute.  The red velvet really does give you a hint of red velvet which is really cool  & birthday cake looks to have actual sprinkles.

For around $5 each, you can use these as great decor and fun take home favors for your summer parties and BBQs.  As an alternative, you can purchase bags of taffy now in many grocery stores and places like Target.  You can use pretty cupcake wrappers as your container and fill them  up with candy or taffy.  Wrap up with alittle cellophane to keep everything in place and tie it up with a nice summer themed ribbon.  With summer going by super fast, michele sinacore events can create & package up some great summer favors and treats for your next party. Drop me a note at!

Have a great weekend!


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