Kona Thoughts on a Snowy Day

As I sit here deciding to wrap up the week & decide whether its worth the risk of getting hit by a snow plow or resorting to the treadmill for my run, I thought it might be fun to think about sunshine & motivation as my legs begin to feel like bricks in my second block of training.  Max lift phase  coupled with snow makes me long for multiple hours running somewhere like Tucson or sweating it out in Hawaii or some fancy camp!   Several friends & family members asked me why I didnt write a race report for Kona & I kept skating around it with the wedding excuse!   In reality, I just didnt want to.  I was exhausted after the season, was cramming to do a years worth of wedding stuff in 3 months & moved out of the city all while trying to help QT2 solidify its 2011 sponsors and do my 2011 planning for Minted Living, my gifting & event company.   All good stuff but I was pretty spent & needed a break which is exactly what I got for my wedding!!   When everyone else went for swims in sunny St Thomas during wedding week, I floated endlessly on a raft with drink in hand.  It was worth it!  Now, settled into suburbia life & seeing the Kona broadcast its easy to think back & reflect just a bit!   Its pretty cool to see the broadcast but partly with mixed emotion as the NBC coverage is so stylized yet the stories of other athetes are so incredible that its tough to write about yourself.  My own day was frought with excitement, fear, mental exhaustion and a sheer joy to be towing that start line with athletes that Ive looked up to for years.  Ive watched the broadcast since I was 17-18 years old every year and never dreamed Id get there until last year.  Kona is everything they say on TV- hot, windy, mentally draining, life changing & intimidating.  Its an addicting place to train & race and you never know what is going to be thrown at you.  I was thankful I got to go out there in 2009 to spectate, train & take some mental notes which I needed the entire week since I was having trouble finding my competitive fire!  While I didnt have my own PR, I learned alot about not quitting &  having fun.  I learned more about not quitting that day than ever before & my eyes were wide open to take in everything around me (thank you QT2 Nutrition Plan for allowing that!).  Crossing the finish line and the final mile on All’ii Drive was magic.   While the journey back to the big island may be harder the next time around, Im excited about the work to be done,  the improvements to be made & having took the ample time to reflect and set new goals.  I do want to thank so much Ron, my awesome hubby, for his endless support through all of this as well as my Dad who has travelled with us to every race this year having completed his own 70.3 Eagleman race!  And, of course, Coach Tim, who doesnt make it easy but got me to Kona & Im so grateful to be working together again.  Safe training to everyone in 2011!  Gotta go run!

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