Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

In all my time living in NYC, I have always wanted to go to Fashion Week, be part of it & experience it as a viewer.  I’ve always been in awe of the level of planning &  people it takes to pull off an event of that magnitude– in a tent none the less!

From the glamour aspect, I can’t lie as I’ve watched my share of Project Runway, almost snuck into the tents while working near Bryant Park  and have been just a bit remorseful of my 5’3″ height while working at model castings for previous projects.

Therefore, I was excited to be invited into the Star Lounge at Lincoln Center during  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week by Interior Designer, Allison Caccoma- a good friend and talented designer.  The Star Lounge is where celebs, designers & editors alike hang out in between shows.  It is plush, luxurious & you forget your in a tent!  The Star Lounge was designed by Wesley Cadle in conjunction with Mercedes Benz & Porter Teleo Fabrics.  The ladies behind Porter Teleo are brilliant providing customized and hand painted silk fabrics that were draped throughout the lounge providing a welcome and airy feeling.  The interior of the main tent at Lincoln Center provided some of the best people watching Ive ever done in the city with gorgeous displays by top sponsors Mercedes, Tres Semme and Maybelline. Mercedes Benz even showcased its colors of a new SUV model using high heels in their color palettes.    Here are some pics I was able to grab from the Star Lounge & Main Tent area. Enjoy!



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