New Headshots!

I kicked & screamed & pulled but was told by many that I needed some updated headshots. My comfort zone of action photography shots and fanciful behind the scenes event coordination make it a tough task to sit pretty and posed in front of the camera!  However, Terri Olsen at The Image Photo in Chappaqua made it fun & easy.  What better way to spend an hour than chatting with Terri while getting some new photos.  You can check out her gorgeous work at    Also, a great reason to purchase some beautiful new spring colors- hot pinks, rich turquoise & vivid corals were some of the great selections a stylist-friend helped me pull.  Very excited to wrap my wardrobe around some great pops of color.  I vow to mirror my wardrobe off of our events- modern, color popped and fun!  Cheers to going outside the comfort zone.

A pop of turquoise

Courtesy of The Image Photo- Chappaqua, NY

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