Re-discovering the NYC Flower Markets

Hope everyone is staying cool!

Yesterday I got to do something I havent done in a very very long time- shop the NYC flower markets.  Ive been wanting to go back to the markets & add these great shops to our growing roster of resources in serving clients up in the Wescthester & CT areas. Last time I was there I worked at a nearby ad agency and went to see what the market fuss was all about.  I remembered I had no idea what flower was what and seemed to think I needed a wholesale license and any form of official shop owner ID to be seen there. Now I have both but you need not have these items- anyone can shop the flower markets!

Fast forward to current times & my trip this time was very different.  As an event planner/designer, Im working with flowers often, have a pretty decent floral vocabulary, taken classes and was armed with a mission shopping with an interior designer friend to help with her photoshoot.  We needed lots of florals for an Upper East Side NYC apartment shoot along with containers of multiple sizes to have on hand.  The floral markets are still as beautiful as ever- seasonal & hard to find florals, trees, plants, vases & accessories flown in from all across the world. You wonder how they do it every day & keep their inventories so pristine.   We were there at 6:30am when the industry shops & ran into editors from decor magazines, florists and shop owners.  Its a hustle bustle environment that is welcome in NYC at that hour as everyone is on a mission.

Located on 28th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues, Manhattan’s flower district is home to a wealth of wholesale retailers that have been in businesses for generations, carrying on the family traditions they learned from childhood and speaking in a flower lingo that few really understand.  Many shops have closed or relocated to other global districts but the shops that are in business are bustling.  Prices are not listed throughout the store, so interaction with the owners is mandatory, unlike most shopping these days.  Each shopper can place their flowers on a shelf that acts as their staging area and continue to shop.  You get to see florists & designers orchestrating masterpieces in their head while standing in front of their check-out shelf.

The pictures I took here were from Associated Cut Flower.  michele sinacore events offers all types of floral arrangements for parties, events & corporate offices.  We also work with some really great local floral designers who can make anything for any event.  These designers are truly talented and can make any room or party come to life anytime of the year.  Flowers dont have to cost a fortune either.  Single stem vases scattered on a table or bar area add a great pop of color and drama to any party.

Here are some photos from the trip along with our shopping list.  Luckily, I got to take home some beautiful pieces to decorate my own home.  After a long 12 hour shoot these pretty flowers still brought smiles to our day.

Happy shopping & have a great weekend-


Flowers purchased for Interiors Shoot:  Click here for flower names & photos:

  • 3 bunches of gorgeous White Dahlias
  • 1 bunch of Orange Dahlias
  • Bunches of large, shiny green banana & palm leaves- these greens stand alone in any vase or container and look amazing in darker rooms
  • 10 stems of incredible Magenta Gladiolus- these were the marquee flower of the day for our shoot- see below picture
  • 2 large bunches of Pink Tulips- perfect for bunching together and adding a pop of color and sweetness
  • 3 bunches of Pink and Green Hydrangea- arranged in a silver geometrical vase we took a very vintage looking flower and made it modern
  • Bunch of green Chrysantheums- these beauties were closed up but opened beautifully from the heat.  Individual stems were placed in silver bud vases to shoot a bar area
  • Individual Cactus flower

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