Re-invention & New Logos- where do you begin?

This past weekend I was thinking alot about the tremendous amount of support & encouragement there is for women entrepreneurs & small business owners out there.  As I’ve been going through an exercise in changing my business name from Minted Living to michele sinacore events and launching a new logo & design, I’ve received a tremendous amount of insight from like-minded women that both touched & inspired me.

Having come from the large corporate business world, I never knew how many folks actually followed their dreams and started their own business.  The women who I meet are absolutely amazing in balancing a life full of business, family & friends and sometimes more than one career!  They work hard  & many hail from extraordinarily different career backgrounds.   The thought of re-invention scares so many  but if you take a leap of faith & begin chipping away at your goal, you’ll find so many people doing the same thing that are eager to share their advice. Some of my closest friends & mentors consist of a former financial gal who is now a top-notch interior designer and another who  is a former marketing exec and now a successful business coach & franchise owner.  In the past week, I met with a former computer expert who is now a very successful nutrition counselor with her own line of products & also I speak regularly with a former wall street gal now with her own wedding planning business & another who is a successful photographer!

In the meantime, here is the new michele sinacore events logo (or MSE as we’re all calling it!).  Do you like it?

Its been a tremendous exercise in decision making & market research.  Lots of mixed opinions about changing the company name from Minted Living to michele sinacore events.  When we first started the process I told my designer I wanted a logo that was navy blue and white to reflect the modern nature of our product offerings.  She then challenged me to come back with some images of my vision.  Here is what I sent her:

  • for their amazing graphics (love this site & blog)
  • a favorite source of brand inspiration
  • A myriad of cupcake websites from my reality TV obsession with the contestants on Cupcake Wars, Georgetown Cupcake & Cupcake Girls.  Many of these bakers are smart business owners that know how to brand and give customers a great experience.
  • I also filled her inbox with pictures of peonies, Jonathon Adler prints, images from fabrics & images from House Beautiful- all sources I frequent regularly for event decor inspiration.

My poor designer ended up with flowers, greek key patterns & pictures of cupcakes flooding her inbox!  However, with my vision & current client research & her design expertise and fantastic personality (a must!), she was able to corral my thinking and come up with a great new look & feel.   It was, dare I say it, a pleasurable process and one that challenged all areas of the business.

A source of great branding from contestants!

Our former name, Minted Living, is soon going to turn into a line of products & accessories that our clients will be able to purchase to compliment their events & occasions!  I’ll soon be selling online so look out!  michele sinacore events will have a completely refreshed website with lots of great content, services outlines and photos of our work.

In the meantime, a very special thanks to for her great design work.  Another shining example of a gal who reinvented herself into a now successful graphic designer & professional. The new logo replicates my mission of serving clients with  fresh, modern & beautiful event solutions. Check out the & look out for in the next few weeks.

The summer is going by fast so let us plan, decorate and bring forth the best food & ambiance to your next BBQ, Garden Party or Childrens Ice Cream Party!!  We provide all the essentials & have a fabulous “Decor at your Doorstep” product where its easy to make your next party look great and save you time & $$!  michele sinacore events (MSE) is working with some of the best vendors in the area so be sure to let us know how we can make you look like the most fabulous host this summer!

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Have a great week!


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