Social Event Planning & Consulting

mse simply creates fabulous parties & celebratory events of all kinds!  We have access to an arsenal of amazing vendors and professionals, see all the latest trends & are able to transform any event space and help you develop great ideas.  On the “nuts & bolts” end, we are experts in creating party flow, venue layouts & offer very customized services to fit your needs.  Our goal is to bring your vision to life and knock out the planning work for you along the way.

Full service event planning:  From creative concepting to on site design & execution.

Partial event and party planning:  Maybe you have a venue and caterer but want us to step in and do the rest including managing all of your on site needs come day of.  This is extremely popular amongst our busy clientele.

Party Planning Consulting:  For smaller events, you may not feel the need of having a planner on site but want some help in coming up with ideas, finding out new party trends or simply wanting to know what color table linen go with your space.

Perhaps your large party needs help with flow, invitation wording or a seating schematic.  We offer consulting on an hourly basis helping you  take the reigns in the areas you need professional guidance.

Décor at Your Doorstep:  We work with event and party decor from creating beautiful tablescapes for dinner parties and family holidays to transforming your event space.   We handle everything with is a HUGE  time saver making you look like an absolute party planning pro!

Party In a Box:  Our newest service, Party In A Box goes anywhere and has been an extremely big hit for children’s parties.  We’ll create, source and package party favors, centerpieces, banners, room décor and table décor and ship or deliver directly to you in time for your event!  We can also refer local professionals such as custom cake bakers or rentals near your location no matter how near or far.   This service is extremely budget friendly & convenient adding that element of professional looking décor and fun favors to any event!   We have shipped around the US and have receive rave reviews for Party In A Box!

Treat Buffets:  One of our favorites indeed!  Have a party planned but interested in a custom candy, dessert or favor buffet?  Let us know how we can help as we do everything from source the treats & favors to set up and style your buffets.  We also have beautiful containers, scoops and packaging that we can rent to you.  We can also design buffet labels, treat bags and source the most intricate items you may seek.  We ADORE a great treat buffet as they never get old!

Straight Up Referrals:  Need help with music, florals, or seeking entertainment that your guests haven’t seen?  Through our industry relationships and affiliations, we have access to an arsenal of local and long distance vendors and professionals of all kinds and can help guide you in the right direction.  We are not afraid to share a good referral and are boastful about partners we’ve had great experiences with!