Springtime “Gifting” at the Office?

Seemingly, over the weekend, every tree in our backyard “grew leaves” or burst into a full array of white blossoms.   I recall looking out the window last week at rain & seeing nothing but branches but stopping yesterday & seeing the beauty in our new yard.  It never ceases to amaze me how every spring you suddenly notice the green, the flowers popping up or the sounds of people spending more time outdoors.  As newly “minted” suburbanites, my husband and I are finally getting glimpses of neighbors, hearing kids playing outside after school & talking about how spring for us used to be marked in NYC by whether or not people were dining outdoors in the restaurant we lived next to.  We miss you Maz…

Alittle overcast but the flowers are blooming!

Minted Living has been busy this winter working with new clients, meeting other like-minded entrepreneurs & getting to understand what consumers really want out of a company like Minted Living.  We are a gifting & event consultancy company with a mostly health- driven appeal but yet are not afraid to cater in a healthy desert to an office party or private event!   Speaking of gifting, Ive been asked to come up with some ideas for a few corporate clients who are looking for some spring-time sprucing up in their offices.  Ive worked with many clients throughout the years on large marketing campaigns & intricate sponsorship deals but in my work now, especially with small business owners,  I always get the question of how to tie all that marketing hard work into providing clients a great brand experience when they visit the office or when a sales team goes out in the field.   So, with a new season upon us relevant for sprucing up, here are a few tips for:

Gifting At The Office”

1) For health & fitness driven environments, consider a large basket of complimentary energy bars for clients or individual bags of healthy granola that they can take home post workout.  There are a few companies sprouting up that even make custom mixes or bars where you choose the ingredients & place own name on the wrappers.

2) Minted Living is working with a local greenhouse to have seasonal bouquets delivered each month to an office that needed a pick me up for its clients.  Color is in & also the notion of supporting local business is fantastic so if your office or home needs a pick me up- visit your local nursery or greenhouse.  They have great products, vast knowledge plus good local connections!

3) Jars of seasonal snacks for the office.  Want to increase productivity? Then, feed your employees well.  Grab baskets of seasonal fruits, jars of healthy nuts & bags of pre-cut veggies or an array of greek yogurts to keep on hand throughout the week.  Your employees will thank you.

4) Give a gift, literally. Small, inexpensive boxes from a craft or wholesale supply store filled with organic candy or high end chocolates and tied up with a pretty ribbon make for an inexpensive and fun token of appreciation.  Dont worry about paying thousands of dollars to sponsor an event- call the organizers and see if you can literally drop a gift into the hands of attending clients.

A single box filled with goodies is a great client gift!

Want a makeover for your clients, home or office?  Check out Minted Living’s new website at www.mintedliving.com & drop me a line at michele@mintedliving.com.

Get Minted!


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