Team Umizoomi

We recently worked with our friend Nicole, who lives in Vienna, VA.  Planning a party for her daughter, working full time and being a busy mom, Nicole called on us to put together a really fun “Party In A Box” themed with the characters of the Nick Jr show, Team Umizoomi.  These little math creatures couldn’t be cuter and we were eager to dive in.  In addition to packing up and sending Nicole all of her party decor, we worked with a local baker to source a custom Team UZ cupcake cake as well as extra furnishings & balloons for decor.  Party In A Box elements included items like custom centerpieces, favors packed with flash cards, BPA free straws, coloring pages & stickers.  We also provided custom party signage, cupcake toppers, confetti, paper poms to hang, fun crayon centerpieces, table linens, cutlery & all table-ware, party hats, cup wrappers and a few other surprises!

And, of course to top it off, we have to thank our friends at Fed Ex, who did an incredible job getting our package to Vienna in time for the party during post Hurricane week (thus the photos taken my yours truly vs a professional on the eve of the Hurricane from our relocated basement office!)

Check out our gallery of Team Umizoomi “Party In A Box” decor & enjoy!  Party In A Box Gallery 


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